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OurCrowd and WHO Foundation: Added Value to GHEF

Creating a Global Health Impact

Global Health Equity Fund - Highlights

Based on the GHEF Simulation Portfolio*, the health of more than 1B people could potentially be improved by OC portfolio companies


People Affected1&2


Potential Market3



Potential Market4

People Affected1&2


Potential Market5


Potential Market6

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  1. 15 out of 25 GHEF Simulation Portfolio companies were analyzed (14 Medical and one Energy): A. Alpha Tau B. BrainQ C. DreaMed D. H2Pro E. Intuition Robotics F. MedAware G. Medisafe H. MeMed I. Memic ; ;  J. MigVax K. Nanomedic L. Ossio M. PulmOne N. SaNOtize O. Scopio
  2. Assumed 30% market penetration per GHEF Simulation Portfolio company
* The data included in this simulation (“Simulation”) is based solely on historical performance data (the “Assumptions”), as well as currently available information. These Assumptions are subject to significant business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond OurCrowd’s control and may therefore prove to be incorrect going forward. The Simulation performance data is merely indicative and is based in large part on assumptions derived from management’s experience and currently available information.  Nothing contained herein represents or shall be deemed to in any way guarantee actual investor returns for the Global Health Equity Fund (“GHEF”) which can only be calculated at the time of an actual exit. OurCrowd makes no warranty whatsoever regarding the data contained herein, and the figures do not in any way represent actual returns for the GHEF. You should not rely solely on the figures herein when making an investment decision. The estimates are provided based solely on historical data and other assumptions as listed in the Simulation and do not in any way guarantee any returns whatsoever for investors in GHEF in the future. OurCrowd has not provided these figures for the purpose of predicting GHEF's future results or revenue or returns to potential investors. The historical data and assumptions included in this Simulation are made only as of the date hereof.  OurCrowd undertakes no obligation to update these projections and assumptions to reflect events or results available after the date of the Simulation.

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